Where are our grads?

With the latest National Post cuts affecting the Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa, and Ottawa Citizen offering buyouts to some of its staff, you can be sure some people in the journalism field  (and some current and prospective students)  are wondering what the future holds for them, and for finding a job.

On LinkedIn today, one of my former students announced she is now working at 570 News in Kitchener as an intern.  That got me to wondering where the Centennial College Journalism graduates are working these days.

So I’ve started a list. It’s not comprehensive. And I’ve been at Centennial for 10 years. But it’s pretty impressive. Feel free to add yourself, or let me know where you are. And it doesn’t have to be journalism jobs!

Jonathon Brown   – Trend Hunter, Toronto,   Research Expert
Mark Cadiz  – intern at Newsana
Sarah Moore, Trendhunter, Toronto
Philip Alves, instructor and web content creator, Centennial College Story Arts Centre, Toronto.
Alexandra Sienkewicz  – show producer, CBC Toronto
Ciaran Thompson,   Government of Alberta , Edmonton,  Engagement Officer
Blaine Vander Griende  – Canoe, Toronto
Jon Spratt- Bloomex , web content,  Ottawa
Murray Crawford, Red Deer Advocate, Alberta
Scott Barber,  Reporter/Writer,   TC Transcontinental
Vanessa Brown,  Communications  Assistant University of Western Ontario Faculty Association, London, Ontario
Francois Biber – Reporter/Radio Host,  Saskatoon
Kayla Kreutzberg, News and Sports anchor, CKDR Dryden, Ontario

Emily Hunter, writer and  Film Maker at Eco Warrior Productions
Abbas Somjii, CBC Calgary
Kerry Prunskus, 680 News, Toronto
Michael Peeling, Editor at Your Paris Star,  Your Brant Connection
Andrew Moore-Crispin, Content Dev. Manager,  at Tucows
Jenna Conter, Assoc Editor OPTIMYZ magazine Dartmouth, NS
Geoff Mosher, Editor, CCSAI the Courier
Alexis Dobranowski, Communications Advisor Sunnybrook Hospital
Stacey Macleod, editor, Travel and Life Magazine
Colleen Fisher Tully, editor, Fresh Juice magazine
Salima Virani,  writer and editor, The Granite Club
Jonathon Coutts Zawadski –  Dalet Digital Media  Systems
Laura Godfrey, Pagemasters
Athena Mackenzie, associate editor Page One publications, and head of books, Zoomer magazine.
Aakanksha Tangri,    Intern  @ CNN News York, Fareed Zakharia show
Yamri Tadesse- reporter, Thompson Reuters, Toronto
Cole Carruthers, reporter Bow Valley, Alberta
James Wattie, CBC Toronto
Maryam Shah, Toronto Sun
Sarah Taguiam, Metro News, Regina
Chantelle Henriques, listings reporter TV Guide, Toronto
Mersiha Gadzo, reporter, Devon Dispatch, Edmonton
Jackie Dunham, CTV Toronto, chase producer
Aldis Brennan, ed. assistant, Global News, Toronto
Tamara Baluja, editor, J_source.ca, Toronto
Omar Mosleh, reporter, La Nouvelle Beaumont News, Edmonton
Eric Heino, multimedia specialist, Multiview, Toronto
Teona Baetu, Today’s Trucking, Toronto.
Georgia Baloginannis, 680 News, Toronto
Bailey Stead, Ass. Prod. , Discovery
Karen K. Ho, freelance reporter.Toronto
Thandiwe Vela, Metroland Digital, Toronto
Brooke Reid, Manulife, Media Relations, Toronto,
Cindy Lu, editor in chief, Souxun88/Prime Advertising
Jamie Ngo, Assist. Manager, Corp Comm, Scotiabank
Andrea Cranfield, Editor, The Equity, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Kirsten Parucha, Abritrage Magazine
Irina Lytchak, Managing Ed., Canadian Jeweller Magazine
Maxx Smith, Manulife, Toronto
Irina Burtan, Project Manager, ESM Management

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