The Canadian Jewish fighters who served their people twice: i24 News

From Germany to Israel: The Canadian Jews who served their people twice. Many Jewish-Canadian servicemen who enlisted to fight in WW2 later fought in Israel’s War of Independence.For the Canadians who served in the Second World War there were many motivations. Some signed up out of a sense of patriotism, others out of a desire for adventure, and others still for a means of steady income near the end of the Great Depression. But Jewish Canadians had different motivations. As the recruiting officer who interviewed Joe Gertel, a 21-year-old enlistee from Montreal, wrote: “He was merely anxious to get into the front line and settle a score which he felt that he, as a Jew, should be allowed to settle.” Jewish soldiers throughout the European theater of war had similar experiences which infused in them a sense of purpose.

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