Ellin speaks to hundreds of Jewish high school students in Montreal before Remembrance Day 2017

Journaliste et auteure, Ellin Bessner, est venue s’adresser à nos élèves de 4e et 5e secondaire à propos de son tout dernier livre. Bessner (Herzliah St. Laurent campus ’78) a proud graduate from Talmud Torah and Herzliah, gave an engaging talk to our students about the untold stories of how and why Canada’s Jewish community sent 17,000 men and women in uniform to defeat Hitler and the Axis in the Second World War. CIJA-QuébecBronfman Jewish Education Centre #CanadianJewry #WWII #weremember#educatingtheleadersoftomorrow #Herzproud

Also on Monday, Ellin visited Bialik High School in Cote. St. Luc, Quebec, together with Jewish WW2 Veteran and former POW Harry Hurwitz, 96, to speak to senior students about her book and interview Hurwitz about his own experiences in that war as a Jewish sailor.

Remembrance Day lecture at Bialik High School in Montreal with Robert Presser (CIJA), Ellin Bessner, Harry Hurwitz, 96, a WWII veteran and POW, and Bialik teacher Andrew Trager.

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