For her new book, Ellin spent six years researching, and travelling, and interviewing over 300 veterans and their families, to tell the untold stories of how and why Canada’s Jewish community sent 17,000 men and women in uniform to defeat Hitler and the Axis in the Second World War. It is a story that has never been comprehensively told before and fills an important gap in the publicly known accounts of how a country of volunteers helped win the war. More about the book

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What people are saying about “Double Threat: Canadian Jews, the Military, and WWII”

Bessner’s writing brings this part of our history out of the shadows. All of us owe it to those remarkable men and women to read their stories.
Peter Mansbridge O.C.

 In Ellin Bessner, these Canadian-Jewish servicemen and women have found a documentarian who understood their faith  and has dug deep, listened long and fought hard to tell their stories.
Ted Barris
Author of the Great Escape: A Canadian Story

“Double Threat” fully vindicates against any naysayers who doubt or would impugn the accomplishments of that Great Generation of Canadian Jews.
Major General Ed S. Fitch
OMM, MSM, CD (Ret’d)

Double Threat by Ellin Bessner, leaves no stones unturned in its telling of the full-blooded saga of the heroic participation of Jewish men and women in the Canadian military during the Second World War.
Bill Gladstone
Canadian Jewish News