The Canadian Jewish News has a new daily podcast, called The CJN Daily, sponsored by Metropia.

It’s produced and hosted by me!  

We launched May 3, 2021.
It’s a bite-sized look — 7 to 10 minutes — at news that’s important to Canada’s Jewish community. The fourth largest in the world, after Israel, the U.S., and France.

We cover stories wherever Canadian Jews are making news, whether at home, (or in Florida and Arizona in the winter), and of course, in Israel. 

It’s what Jewish Canada sounds like

We’ll give you the top stories with a Jewish focus, and focused interviews with newsmakers in business, politics, education, the arts, cooking, authors: really everywhere there are interesting stories.

We cover antisemitism. COVID-19. Why Israeli hummus is made from chickpeas from Saskatchewan. How two Canadians died in the Lag Ba’ Omer stampede in Israel’s Mt. Meron. The recent Israel-Palestinian crisis. The Holocaust. Jewish history. And so much more.

Make the CJN Daily part of your routine. 

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You can also listen directly on the website here. 

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The CJN Daily is written and hosted by Ellin Bessner (@ebessner on Twitter). Victoria Redden is the producer. Michael Fraiman is the executive producer. Our theme music is by Dov Beck-Levine. Our title sponsor is Metropia. Find more great Jewish podcasts at