Class of 2011

Thirty eight amazing journalism grads had their names listed in the College’s Thursday afternoon convocation program book today, and it was such a pleasure to watch some of them walk up to the podium, shake hands with the president Ann Buller, and with Dean Nate Horowitz,  to accept their diplomas.

My own kids are still too young for me to attend their graduations yet, unless you count the ceremony they had  for kindergarden (yes I cried!) and from Sunday school!  But as a professor at Centennial since 2005, I always find it a great thrill to see my talented students turn up at graduation to receive the well deserved applause and admiration from the administration, from other students, faculty, and family and friends.

We had grads this year from all the three journalism programs – three year, fast track and UTSC/Centennial joint program. Sports journalism had its own procession.

Many of you are working in the field, and couldn’t be here today. Others are embarking on new adventures, both professionally (Reinisa Macleod is moving to Grande Prairie, Alberta in July to be the multiplatform reporter for their local SUN Media paper, the Grande Prairie Daily Herald. She says her Internet radio show at Centennial was what truly clinched the interview! ) and personally (Mazal Tov/ Congratulations to fast tracker grad Dan Heyman and his fiancee on their happy engagement). Dan has been hired full time at in Toronto.

Vanessa Brown tell us she is working for two weeklies in the Goderich area, including the Clinton News Record. Check out one of her stories about coyotes here:

Here are some photos from the events today:

Steve Cogan, Alicia Baird, and her mother
Tara Losinski, Natalie Samson, Nastasha Alli, Dan Heyman
Steve Cogan, Tara Losinski, Natalie Samson, Malcolm Kelly, Samantha Butler, Lindy Oughtred
Minshu Mo and family and friends
Ellin Bessner, Tara Losinski, Natalie Samson, Samantha Butler
Aileen Donnelly, Lindy Oughtred, Reinisa Macleod
Alicia Baird, Reinisa Macleod
Nuno Soares (photo courtesy of Nuno’s Facebook page!)

For a complete list of the grads today please see this list.

Nastasha Alli
Alicia Baird
Tamara Baluja
Francois Biber
Vanessa Brown
Samantha Butler
Jacqueline Delange
Jaclyn Desforges
Aileen Donnelly
Brad Featherstone
Michael Gibbons
Laura Grande
Victoria Gray
Dan Heyman
Chris Higgins
Emily Hunter
Tara Losinski
Irina Lytchak
Reinisa Macleod
Tristan Carter
Minshu Mo
Meri Perra
Kerry Prunskus
Tanis Reynolds
Leticia Rodriguez
Jennifer Romano
Angela Rotundo
Katrina Rozal
Natalie Samson
Meegan Scanlon
Maxx Smith
Nuno Soares
Jon Spratt
Shawn Star
Roger Tran
Josh Ungar
Monica Valencia
Kirsten Watters
Ted Barris and Ted Fairhurst are out of the country but join us in wishing you all much success and we remind you to keep in touch. In the fall, when the new  East York journalism newsroom renovations are complete, come back and take a tour!
Here is a look at how it will be when it is done.
  tv control room/ellins office/lindys office/steves office/ moved mailboxes)/large newsroom/ no more room 147/ malcolm and ted f offices now in 147
ted b office / tv anchor desk w. new lighting grid/ no door/ mailboxes/tvs/ door to 147/2 audio booths

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