My Toronto rainstorm video makes it on Global News Toronto newscast

Leslie Roberts and Anne Mroczkowski and……..

If you watched the 6 pm supper hour newscast on Global TV News Toronto last night with Leslie Roberts and Anne Mroczkowski, you might have noticed they led their show with the storm story and rain that soaked the city Tuesday. There were floods in Vaughan, and in East York, and broken water mains. The video that started the story about the severe weather…was shot by…me!

I was spending two days “shadowing” at Global News this week, to gather fresh materiel for my classes at Centennial College, to make contacts, and to discuss internship opportunities for my students, as well as keep my (Spidey) news senses sharp. I was driving with the ENG Camera operator Craig Wadman to meet reporter Marianne Dimain  who was doing a story about the use of social media in the London Riots and the practise spreading to other parts of the world.

At about 11 o’clock the heavens opened, and the Don Valley Parkway became a waterway for the downpour. I had a small HD video camera with me, and since the cameraman was driving, I started shooting weather video (through the window).

When we returned to the station, Craig suggested I give the video to the assignment desk. Executive Producer Jason Keel had it ingested in the graphics department computers, and to my surprise, and pleasure, they did use it on the show that night!

Here’s a link to the show: My rain viz comes in at :41 seconds, as the anchors introduce the first reporter story about flooding in Vaughan.

By the way, according to the Toronto Star story (written by one of our Centennial Journalism graduates Amanda Kwan UTSC/Centennial Joint Program) “Environment Canada had predicted between 5 and 10 mm of rain for the day, but the downtown area saw a total of 20.4 mm by 5 p.m.”
And the Environment Canada spokesman said it wasn’t the quantity of the water that caused such problems; it was the intensity. 

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  1. Dear Ellin, I did not curse or name called I simply expressed…why not post? it is a blog… Feelings remain the same. Ann is not a 5:30 news individual.. Leslie is looking older by the day to tolerate her. Dawna would be best suited with Leslie….please post.. You will be amazed I'm sure of the responses.

  2. Would love to see Dawna pair up with Leslie on Global 5:30 news…Sorry Ann you just don't do it for me. The news is about everybody else.. not about.. you make to much it about yourself..

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