Chipmunk relocation summer 2012 video

I shot this video in the summer at home, to prove a couple of things: I do not kill the chipmunks which I catch trying to eat through the plastic in my garage.  And, I am always thinking of better ways to teach television to my students at Centennial College, even when I am on holiday.

I bought a HavaHart trap because I have been plagued with chipmunks for the past couple of summers. If they don’t come to my garage, they are next door at my neighbours, or under our basketball net on the driveway. They ate my brand new pink trillium plant which I’d bought at a native plant sale in Markham this summer, so that was $10 down the drain. They chewed through the rubber on the underside of the garage, and left little souvenir droppings all over the place. I had had enough.

My family nicknamed me “Chippy Killer”.  That’s not true. Despite my insistence that I just “ethnically cleanse” my garden of the cute creatures, and that I do relocate them to a nice park a few blocks away.
So this video is proof of that.

And it shows all the various shots which can be used to tell a video story: wide shot/establishing shot, medium shot, close up, extreme close up, cutaways, pan, and some action shots with audio!

I don’t know what happened to this chipmunk after it ran free into the forest of its new home. Happy trails!

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