50 Canadians went and said Kaddish for Bomb. George Meltz of Toronto, 25, at his grave in Normandy

Three years ago, my family walked by the tombstone of Jewish Canadian serviceman George Meltz, of Toronto, standing out among the thousands of white headstones at the Second World War Beny-sur-Mer cemetery, near Juno Beach, in France.

Now, my dear friend Ted Barris, a Canadian military historian, author and broadcaster, is back in Normandy, and has lit a memorial Yarhzeit candle at Meltz’s grave, seventy years after Meltz made the ultimate sacrifice as part of Canada’s D-Day invasion in 1944.

The group of 50 Canadians who are travelling with Barris on this international anniversary saw the Meltz tombstone, and read the powerful epitaph “He died so Jewry shall suffer no more.” Thank you Ted, and all Canadians who remembered Meltz, as well as the 70+ Jewish servicemen buried in France, and said Kaddish for them.

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