Writing the Wrong: What Canada should know about the Jewish servicemen and women in WW2

It’s been one year exactly since I received the green light from my college, Centennial College, in Toronto, to take a year Sabbatical in order to research and write my book about the untold stories of Canada’s Jews in Uniform in the Second World War. The letter came from the Professional Development Leave people in late February 2015. Hard to believe nine months have passed! But some 250 interviews + seven cities + 15 archives + 2 FOI requests + tens of thousands of words later (and counting) +  six speaking engagements + 60 SDHC memory cards,  I am well into the manuscript. 

Centennial College’s Centre for Organizational Learning and Teaching 
asked me to conduct a webinar about my research so far. If you missed the live broadcast, here is the replay. Don’t panic if you see a different person when it starts: she is introducing me. I begin shortly after.


Speaking to Toronto Jewish veterans Legion Branch 256

Researching at Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada, Winnipeg

Interview with Hy Chud(novsky)

Skype interview with Bill McAllister

Interview Elaine Zadjeman

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