Ellin in recent media coverage of the Normandy D-Day 75 commemorations

From the Uxbridge Cosmos to CBC News Network, Ellin was interviewed about her trip to Normandy and England during the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. And she wrote stories of her own about her D-Day experiences.

Ted Barris and Ellin Bessner
Author Ted Barris with Ellin on Juno Beach June 6, 2019.

Ted Barris wrote about my mission to say memorial prayers at as many of the graves of the 70+ Canadian Jewish casualties of D-Day as possible during our tour.

Jewish military grave
Ellin at the grave of Trooper Frank Silverberg, murdered by the Nazis while a POW in June 2019. (Dale Reid photo).

CBC coverage

The CBC News Network also interviewed me from Normandy on June 6 about the role of Canada’s Jewish soldiers in WWII, or at least, they sure tried to interview me! I was on a moving tour bus, and the wifi was initially fine, but we went into a dead zone, sadly, and the interview had to be called off after just a moment or two.

CBC News tv interview
What it looked like at home in Canada (Sheryl Gencher photo).

We also did an interview with CBC Radio’s Fresh Air host Nana aba Duncan on Saturday June 8 from on board a convoy of military vehicles careening through the Normandy countryside. I was in one military truck, while Canadian Jewish WWll hero, Dr. Bill Novick, was in a jeep somewhere at the head of the convoy on a different cellphone. Listen below:

Ellin on CBC Radio’s Fresh Air program Saturday June 8, 2019. (Courtesy CBC Radio)

Canadian Jewish News

A feature story that I wrote was published this week in the Canadian Jewish News. As they only used one photo, here is a bonus photo of Dr. Novick with his grandsons Jason, 30, and Daniel, 27 in Courseulles-sur-Mer, near the Juno Beach landing area.

grandfather and two grandsons
Jason Novick, 30, Dr. Bill Novick, 95, Daniel Novick, 27. (Ellin Bessner photo)

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