Penis Museum film comes to Bloor Hot Docs cinema in Toronto this week – my personal visit to that museum in Iceland and getting to meet Elmo

Showtimes at the Bloor Hot Docs cinema for The Final Member

Courtesy: Bloor Hot Docs website

Toronto moviegoers will get the chance to screen “The Final Member” this week, a film about a quirky but earnestly above board little museum in Iceland’s capital, devoted to the study of penises.
While I can’t get to see this film in person, just seeing the reviews this past week reminded me of my recent visit to the place, as it remains one of the highlights of my Iceland adventure.

The story about my visit sparked my getting to meet (via email) the next donor to the human wing of the museum, an American man who nicknames his penis Elmo, and contacted me after my story and photos about the museum were published.
Tom Mitchell has his own Twitter account for his penis, @ElmothePenis, where he dresses it up in all sorts of costumes and paint.  

I asked him why a photo of his penis in ice was on Twitter and he explained how he was trying to imagine what it would feel like after it is cut off and sent to the museum.

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